We are experienced at working with national institutions in Africa and International Multilateral Organisations and donors.

Our Track Record

Since its inception, the Hub has responded to demand from OECD, GIZ, KfW, the African Development Bank, the Heinrich Boell Foundation (HBF), the UNDP, ICLEI and the African Union Commission, and has been commissioned to undertake the following work: a South African Case study of Private Participation in Low Carbon Resilient Infrastructure (for OECD, September 2012); a Framework for Climate Finance Governance Architecture in Africa (for HBF, February 2013); Country Readiness for Climate Finance in SADC (GIZ, 2012-13; country missions to Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania; Readiness Framework prepared for discussion at COP18 with final report submitted in July 2013, and the final country reports published in Warsaw at COP19); a draft climate finance strategy as a part of the climate change strategy-building project of the UNDP for the African Union Commission; and a research report entitled ‘Assessing Experience with Green Investment Policies and Instruments for Infrastructure in South Africa: Promoting Private Sector Investment in South Africa’s Renewable Energy Infrastructure’ (for OECD, delivered in August 2013); as African specialist in the research and writing team that delivered the African Adaptation Gap Report 2014 on the finance gap for adaptation action that was published by UNEP in March 2015.

Our Partners and Clients

In recent years, we have worked with the following partners and clients:

Heinrich Boell Foundation
ODI (The Overseas Development Institute)
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development)
Climate Analytics
The African Development Bank
The African Union Commission