Welcome to the African Climate Finance Hub

Focusing principally on Sub-Saharan Africa, and based in Cape Town, the African Climate Finance Hub works on both the supply and demand side of climate finance to identify the key issues and transformational levers. It supports countries seeking to develop the necessary governance and administrative architecture for enhanced access to new sources of climate finance, and collaborates with development partners to convene conversations between key role-players aimed at forging consensus about how best to use such finance to transition African economies to a lower carbon climate-resilient growth pathway in line with national development goals.

Key activity areas include:
. The sharing of practical experience and the building of skills through training modules which help prepare countries to take advantage of climate finance opportunities
. Collaborative research projects
. Assisting with the establishment of an enabling framework to effectively mobilise and spend climate finance, including from private sector sources.

Through its core staff and associate experts, ACFH provides technical support on institutional arrangements, policy development, planning and budget processes, regulatory and fiscal incentives as well as financing mechanisms which promote investment in climate change adaptation and mitigation projects.

Management Team

The African Climate Finance Hub is led by its two founding co-Directors, Richard Calland and Jerome van Rooij.

Richard Calland has worked for the past seventeen years in the fields of democratic governance and sustainable development in South Africa and beyond. Based at the University of Cape Town (UCT), where he is Associate Professor in Public Law, Richard specializes in freedom of information law and was recently appointed as a member of the Independent Access to Information Appeals’ Board of the World Bank. In the last few years Richard has acted as governance advisor to the international Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST) - which aims to set new standards for information disclosure in public infrastructure projects - assisting with the implementation of the pilot programme in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia and Vietnam. His current research focus is the governance of climate change and climate finance, as a part of UCT’s African Climate Development Initiative. Richard is also a Senior Associate of the Cambridge University's Programme for Sustainability Leadership, and has been a member of faculty on senior leadership programmes for such organisations as PWC, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank and Tata. In South Africa he advises Massmart, Africa’s largest retailer that was recently acquired by Walmart, on issues of politics, sustainability and governance. Before moving to South Africa in 1994, Richard practiced law for seven years at the London Bar. From 1995-2011, he headed the Economic Governance Programme at Idasa - Africa's leading democracy Institute at the time.

After more than twenty years in the private sector, predominantly in the sphere of finance, since 2008 Jerome van Rooij has focused specifically on sustainable development in Africa. He began his career at BP Plc in the finance stream, where he held a range of positions in London, Amsterdam and Paris. On moving to South Africa, he worked as treasury and risk management consultant for a newly-established mutual bank providing credit and financial services to previously unbanked communities. He went on to establish a specialist enterprise supplying high quality architectural salvage for re-use in both new developments and building refurbishments. Thereafter, he took on the role of national coordinator for an initiative aimed at promoting private sector participation in the provision of public and non-motorised transport services (under the aegis of the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership in SA); and of manager for Idasa’s Transforming Transport Project (under its Economic Governance Programme). Jerome has also worked as an independent consultant in the field of local economic development and social economy in collaboration with donor agencies and academic institutions. His recent work at the African Climate Finance Hub has focussed on climate finance readiness in the SADC region, from identification of priority needs, to designing and agreeing associated supporting activities.

Contact Us

jeromevr@cimatefinancehub.net or jvanrooij123@gmail.com
richard.calland@uct.ac.za or rjtcalland@gmail.com